Season Update - All things Cobras


After the first round Beenleigh President Darren Williams and I had a conversation about the direction of both clubs into 2015.
We broached the subject of combining our resource’s to stop competing for players, volunteers and supporters.
We then set up an informal meeting and discussed some non-binding parameters of a proposal. The main point was that all games were played out of Tansey Park.
Some of those were not taken any further and most were bought back to the Logan Cobras committee. Darren & I discussed putting together a steering committee for the proposed new identity. It was decided at a committee level that we would move forward for the benefit of the Cobras and for football in the area. A preliminary meeting took place with AFLQ and Rod Rice from the Tansey sporting club and minutes were tabled during the meeting on the 16/06/2014. Further discussions are required with AFLQ to establish in writing what AFLQ requires and will be supplying to the new club. What the Gold Coast Suns will provide for the new proposed club with an affiliation with the Suns. Currently both clubs are struggling to source volunteers within their local communities.
The committee decided to arrange a meeting with AFLQ to confirm what support will be given to the new proposed club and formalize that agreement in writing with the steering committee. Confirm what support the Gold Coast Suns will provide, meeting to be arranged by AFLQ
In that meeting AFLQ stated that if new club had a 3rds team both facilities would require a lighting audit test and meet the minimum 100 lux level to play night football. When asked what assurances that a new club could not start up. AFLQ stated that. AFLQ consults with all local clubs within the region before any new club can be established, from that meeting.
• New clubs need to find 30-35 new players and will not be granted licenses if they are recruiting players from local senior clubs
• If Beenleigh AFC can develop an effective or exclusive right of use agreement for Dauth Park during the football season this will make it extremely difficult for a new club to play out of the facility
• AFLQ can’t guarantee a new senior club license won’t be granted, however, news clubs are subject to stringent guidelines and due diligence
• Simon Devine suggested the proposed new club adopt the Aspley/Brendale model with various junior teams playing out of both Graham Rd and Brendale Sporting complex
• Both clubs debts are cleared prior to them winding up
• Rod Rice from the Logan Cricket club is happy to rebrand his club to align with proposed new club
• AFLQ media & marketing department can work with the steering committee to promote the new identity across SEQ and within the local community: AFLQ Media Manager – Lisa McKoy
• Logo – Discussed offering the opportunity to local schools to design jumper/logo
• Critical to engage playing group/members in the process because if they don’t buy in this will make it an extremely challenging process
• AFLQ is currently completing facility audit reviews across all SEQ clubs and will provide feedback and assist clubs with facility upgrade strategies
• Upgrading the Logan AFC change rooms was discussed as a key priority in the coming years if the club want to progress to higher competitions
• Logan AFC currently has funding to upgrade their back oval – currently under way
• Planning and preparation for the new club needs to begin ASAP to ensure all stakeholders are all informed and the whole region/community buys into the process
The New identity will allow the club to advertise for higher profile coaches and that it may have increased financial backing to recruit an experienced coach
• Our committee clubs believe shifting away from the Logan name will break down cultural perceptions and be a positive step for the region, That by having a club that represents the whole region the club believe they will be better able to procure sponsorship, engage local businesses and communities and recruit volunteers
• The Proximity of both Local clubs was a major factor.
Life members Ken Bentley and Greg Brookes were bought on board. We then set up a steering committee at a meeting with Greg Brookes, Dale Marshall, and Ken Bentley, along with David Dawson, Darren Williams and Dave Williams from Beenleigh.

We decided that: • Games would be played from Tansey Park and it was the major facility – although some games at Dauth could occur
• That a name closely aligned with the Gold Coast Suns be adopted
• If a third side was created then they could be played from Dauth park
• A youth team of 18 or 19s be created as a priority
• All games and history be bought across
• All honour boards be bought across
• Both clubs be delisted and one new entity be created
• Clubhouse at Logan provides a home and identity that Beenleigh don’t have given their challenging relationship with the sporting /cricket club
• Clubs discussed operating separate junior and senior incorporations e.g. Southern Suns JAFC & Southern Suns AFC to enable both entities to apply for grant funding
• On the 10/07/2014 that a SGM would be held at Tansey Park on 24/07/2014

On the 28 of July 2014 the name Southeast SUNS was created as a non-profit incorporated entity and registered with QGSC or Dept. of Fair Trading
Currently Logan AFC is working with council to submit a Gambling Community Benefit Fund for a new scoreboard for the August 31st round – this has been an ongoing process with Logan Council Sport & Rec
On the 31 of July I meet with Queensland Sport and Rec, local member Mike Latter Rod Rice, Greg Ryan and AFLQ to discuss Facility’s at Tansey Park. Regional manager Leigh Habner was present and made a point that we as an organisation we are exceptionally lucky to have such extremely strong support from our governing body (AFLQ).
I hosted this meeting at Sport and Rec offices on Ewing Road and Tansey Parks main objectives were -
• Oval resurface – currently before council’s budget.
• Scoreboard – with the community gambling grant
• Change rooms – to be before Qld sport & Rec and council next round
• Coaches’ boxes –community gambling fund next round.
• Lighting on second oval – Qld sport & Rec – Next year
• QAFL centre of excellence and Hub for the region.
We as a club are on the brink of some exciting projects and invite all supporters of football, past and present players to become involved in the rebirth of a strong successful and vibrant club.

Yours in Football
Benny Head
Logan City Cobras